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Radiology examinations performed at the patient's bedside often present two patient safety problems. One problem is radiation shields for patients are often missing or misplaced and not available when needed. The other problem is the shield's cleanliness status is questionable. Cleaning shields properly, twice for each patient, is very labor intensive, time consuming and an out-dated nuisance, that is if you can find the right cleaning materials.

Try the new Zapp Shield, a dual purpose radiation shield that keeps the shield in place and keeps the patient protective equipment (PPE) covered shield clean. The shield cover prevents patient touch contamination which interrupts the chain of infection. We can break the chain of COVID and other infectious diseases by cleaning our hands properly before completely covering the shield to protect the patient.

The Zapp Shield

The Zapp Shield Cover Performs Better Than Cleaning Shields

COVID has exposed many weak links in every aspect of life including patient safety in hospitals.The cleanliness status of radiation shields for patients is one weak link. Patient shields are sometimes misplaced and are often not cleaned properly when used between patients.The new Zapp Shield solves both problems. A retractable tether eliminates lost or misplaced shields. The lead shield protects patients from harmful scatter radiation and the shield's cover prevents COVID shield touch contamination when receiving medical x-ray procedures in hospitals.Seeing is Believing! The covered shield replaces a 7 minute shield cleaning session ( before and after each patient's exam) with a less than 7 seconds shield covering solution. A covered shield eliminates the need to find gloves, wipes, disinfectant, time spent wiping and a countertop to clean contaminated shields on.Covering the shield is the most effective, efficient and affordable protection that ensures shield cleanliness and readiness 24/7 for the most comprehensive and reliable patient shield safety possible.The Zapp Shield is a problem solver that brings the hassle of cleaning patient radiation shields out of the Stone Ages.The portable x-ray/imaging cassette has been covered since 1995 ( 25 years ). 
The PPE works by placing the shield inside of a clear glove-like cover to keep it clean to protect each patient. The PPE is an infection prevention fix that stops the spread of COVID contamination.That's a big deal.Cleaning shields is labor intensive, out-dated and very inconvenient. The Zapp Shield is needed on the Radiology Tech front-line, Now especially in ICU and Emergency Departments. The new shield is a long overdue problem solver in a medical technology specialty that only front-line Radiology Techs know the problems and the solutions. The problems happen behind the scene in all Radiology Departments and are unknown to the general public.The Zapp Shield fixed two patient safety needs that were not met.Solving equipment-to-patient contamination problems in hospitals nationwide is a patient safety investment. The Zapp Shield is a re-engineered radiation shield that sells itself by solving two of yesterday's long term problems of misplaced and contaminated patient radiation shields in hospitals.

The Zapp Shield
  • The Zapp Shield

    Provides 24/7 shield protection availability and readiness. The shield is kept in place with a 16 ft. auto-retractable tether and is encased in a single-use PPE cover. The impervious cover prevents COVID and other disease contamination. The cover allows quick, clean and assured shield readiness for the next patient. Clean hands and clean medical equipment are two of the most effective means of preventing the spread of germs in healthcare.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Removes the hassle, inconvenience and risks by keeping the shield in place and keeping the shield clean. Since not cleaning and disinfecting the shield is the bigger problem, then completely covering the shield is the better solution. Patient care improves when patient safety improves.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Built on cleanliness and reliability that works to achieve a Joint Commission's 2020 National Patient Safety Goal - to prevent the spread of infection. The new ergonomically designed and stationary shield allows every patient to be protected from the invisible and preventable harm of scatter ionizing radiation and COVID shield contact contamination.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Crafted to cover more of the patient's radiation sensitive anatomy (pelvis, breast, thyroid and eyes, when possible) by minimizing the radiation dose thus making it "as low as reasonably achievable" - the ALARA principle.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Designed and engineered to hang upside down while stored on the x-ray machine. It allows the technologist to slide the shield cover on and off easily without touching the shield. The easy tear-off covers are on a roll of 200 per box.

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A PPE Covered Radiation Shield Ensures Safer Patient Protection

The Zapp Shield's single-use PPE cover is an impervious protective barrier that is easy-to-apply to eliminate COVID shield touch contamination. Each patient's trust must be earned and maintained to create the shield safety reassurance your patients need and deserve. The Zapp Shield provides proven evidence based safety features to create the best patient safety care possible.


The Problem Solver Will Set New Standards!

A dual-purpose retractable-tethered and PPE covered Zapp Shield stops shield misplacement and COVID touch contamination spread in hospitals. Solving the two most common patient shielding problems in healthcare removes the worry, doubt, uncertainty and risks of shield readiness and COVID contamination spread. Most patient shields used today are under-engineered, out-dated and are often not cleaned properly. The Zapp Shield is a game-changing problem solver that brings cleaning radiation shields out of the Stone Ages into 2021. Any safety device is only as strong as its weakest link. The new covered shield gives quicker-transparent performance, proven effectiveness and convenience.


Patients Avoid Harm While Seeking Medical Care To Get Well

The Zapp Shield has streamlined patient radiation shielding, making it much easier to protect patients from misplaced and COVID contaminated shields. It provides quick and consistent availability with readiness and safer shield touch protection that is critical in today's busy and safety-focused hospitals. The Zapp Shield's PPE is the best protection to break the chain of COVID infection of radiation shields to patients. The PPE covered shield makes equipment-to-patient protection more reliable and increases patient safety and satisfaction with peace of mind. The Zapp Shield is such a Rad Tech necessity especially in this COVID pandemic that it actually sells itself! Covering the radiation shield is the patient's safest solution.

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