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Together We Will Eliminate Misplaced And Dirty Radiation Shields Used For Patients.

Radiology exams performed at the patient's bedside often present two patient safety problems. One problem is radiation shields for patients are often missing or misplaced and not available when needed. The other problem is the shield's cleanliness status is questionable. Cleaning both sides of a radiation shield properly along with cleaning the surface area to lay the shield on to wipe clean is labor intensive, time consuming and an outdated nuisance that is if you can find the right cleaning materials.

The Zapp Shield is a dual purpose radiation shield that eliminates the hassle, inconvenience and risks of keeping the radiation shield in place and keeping the shield clean 24/7. The Zapp Shield immensely improves radiation safety, patient care and satisfaction with a greater peace of mind.

The Zapp Shield

The Zapp Shield

The Zapp Shield is streamlined to provide quick and efficient shield protection availability that is critical in today's busy healthcare environment. It is designed to accelerate clinical workflow productivity and provide more reliable patient safety equipment and practices.

It is needed in hospitals, out-patient and urgent care centers, emergency rooms, trauma units, intensive care units, recovery rooms, operating rooms, endoscopy, orthopedics, pediatrics and anywhere radiology patient care is provided.

Do You Need the New Zapp Shield?

2020 National Patient Safety Goal - Implement evidence-based practices to prevent health care-associated infections due to multi-drug resistant organism in acute care hospitals.

A National Patient Safety Goal Note: Hand hygiene, contact precautions, as well as cleaning and disinfecting patient care equipment and the patient's environment are essential strategies for preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections. This requirement applies to, but is not limited to, epidemiologically important organisms such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile (CDI), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), and other multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria.

The Zapp Shield
  • The Zapp Shield

    Provides 24/7 shield protection availability and readiness. The shield is kept in place with a retractable tether and is covered with a single-use plastic cover that prevents germ contamination and allows quick shield readiness for the next patient. Clean hands and clean medical equipment are two of the most effective means of preventing the spread of germs in healthcare.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Removes the hassle, inconvenience and risks by keeping the shield in place and keeping the shield clean. Since not cleaning and disinfecting the shield is the bigger problem, then completely covering the shield is the better solution. Patient care improves when patient safety improves.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Built on cleanliness and reliability that works to achieve a Joint Commission's 2020 National Patient Safety Goal - to prevent the spread of infection. The new shield allows every patient to be protected from the invisible and preventable harm of scatter ionizing radiation and shield contact contamination.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Crafted to cover more of the patient's radiation sensitive anatomy (pelvis, breast, thyroid and eyes, when possible) by minimizing the radiation dose thus making it "as low as reasonably achievable" - the ALARA principle.

  • The Zapp Shield

    Designed and engineered to hang upside down while stored on the x-ray machine. It allows the technologist to slide the shield cover on and off easily without touching the shield.

How to Avoid
Invisible And Preventable Harm In Radiology Patient Care 

Thirty percent of Intensive Care Unit patients develop a hospital acquired infection. More people die each year from healthcare associated infections than from HIV-AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined. Say What??? Most of these infections are preventable.


A Radiation Shield Is Required Patient Protection!

Radiation shields for patients needed to be re-engineered to prevent loss or misplacement and completely covered to best prevent equipment contact (touch) contamination. The new Zapp Shield does both!


This Problem Solver Makes A Big Difference!

Most shields are under engineered and outdated which causes shields to fall short of today's comprehensive patient safety needs. Any safety device is only as strong as its weakest link. The Zapp Shield's patient safety transparency can be witnessed best at the front-line of product performance, effectiveness and convenience.


Patients Must Avoid Harm While Seeking Medical Care To Get Well

Problems with misplaced or dirty radiation shields are encountered frequently while hiding in plain sight. The Zapp Shield mitigates the potential harm caused by missing and potentially contaminated shields. Healthcare acquired infection litigation is estimated to cost between $28-33 billion dollars each year. The Zapp Shield's preventive applications and practices are proven means to avoid potential harm to patients.

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The Zapp Shield

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